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Welcome to my official website! I am so glad that you have found the time to stop by and it is my hope and prayer that you find encouragement through my music here. You'll be able to keep up with me on the road, get the latest news, watch videos, sample music and see photos. You have become an important part of my ministry and I want you to know that the purpose of my website is to give God Glory - Please take time to sign the Guestbook ........ God Bless You! Thanks!

Sister Chevelle


Lagos, Nigeria 2009 - December 16, 2009

Chevelle returns to Lagos, Nigeria for the largest Gospel concert in the world....... - November 6, 2009


11hrs of live music and prayer. People of different races, tribes, tongues, class and creed gathered together, lifting up one voice in praise and worship. The finest of gospel music talents of our time doing what they know how to do best.
The countdown has begun with high volt anticipation in the air for the experience ’09 coming up on the 4th of December. The experience which is the largest musical concert in Africa with its 2008 year’s crowd estimated at 350,000 promises to be entertaining, spiritual and life transforming.
What began in December 2006 as a flame in the heart of the convener and host Pastor Paul Adefarasin has become a roaring fire in the hearts of many all over the globe. Yes, indeed it has become a global phenomenon; the world’s largest gospel musical concert and the largest event in Africa.
In 3 years the experience has been a host to a variety of international and Nigerian artist giving the attendants different flavours and blend of live music that puts the concert in a class of its own on the international gospel scene. This year the experience will be no different for God’s people will be ushered into His court by the very best of Lead worshippers and psalmist; Don Moen, CeCe Winans, Chevelle Franklyn, Bebe Winans, Phil Driscoll, Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin and Donnie McClurkin on the international front; and Ebenezer Obey, Rooftop MCs, Lara George, Mike Aremu, Timi Dakolo and Nikki Laoye from Nigeria.`

The Experience is much more than a concert. It’s a night to encounter the living God. It is one night with the King that lasts a life time. This is evident in the testimonies that abound following each year’s experience.

'Chevelle Franklyn did so well at The Experience, she really connected with the audience and moved us..... I was there, particularly when she did our songs with her unique reggae feel, That was off the hook!!! We would love to have more of that'
Pastor Temi, Abuja, Nigeria

Kenya.....Kenya - September 1, 2009

Chevelle Franklin LIVE in Kenya
There is something to be said about a world-renowned and respected international act who will take off time from her tour schedule to stop by a local church just to 'bless' them. That's why it's no exaggeration when we call Chevelle Franklin our favorite Jamaican! Chevelle was in the house this past Saturday and it was quite an unforgettable afternoon!

First, it was absolutely amazing to see the transformation our church sanctuary underwent for our maiden "concert look" with lights, smoke and sound that sent a surge of excitement through everyone coming in! With our very own DJs Krowbar, GG and Sanch busy keeping the crowd on their feet with seamless mixes, the place was so loud that there was no telling whether the walls would hold! The event kicked off a tad behind schedule, but our praise team quickly redeemed that. The Creative Arts Band and Club 8:12 shared the stage as Kevin and Kaz led the congregation in praise and some rocking guitar skills!

From there it was all on the up and up. Our in-house artists gave a good account of themselves, from the rappers like Shoeshine Boy and Treble to the vocal abilities of Meshack. Add Citylights dancers to the mix and it was pretty obvious what a wealth of talent we have in our midst. Comedy was also part of the repertoire, with our interesting MCs (Ms. Wabz, Alex Mwega and Pastor Nzi) ensuring everyone was laughing and enjoying themselves to the max. But it was when Chevelle Franklin was introduced that the crowd went crazy!

A solo from her pianist Othniel marked her striking entrance and the show began. The young and young at heart made their way to the front of the stage and jammed to some of her best including “Dynamite” (danced to by some of our Citylights dancers dressed in what looked like a creative mixture of disco and lingala wear - we're still trying to figure that one out!). After we had gotten most of the energy out of our system, Chevelle slowed down the evening, replacing the ragga artist with the worship leader and psalmist that she is. Her beautifully powerful voice ushered in the sweet presence of God and that combination was water to a thirsty soul! She made even the simplest of hymns sound like ballads from the very throne of God, and the result was an amazing outpouring and ministry.

Chevelle pointed out that just like Paul & Silas in the prison, our "suddenly" follows our times of praise and worship, and went on to worship some more. None of us wanted to leave after about an hour of non-stop adoration. What an honor and privilege it was to have Chevelle with us for such a powerful time - It’s just what NLC needed!
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